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Videos: Resource Conservation

teaser vid
These videos are designed to help you learn how to conserve some of the resources you use. Enjoy.


Resource Conservation - Water:

See our video on conserving water in the shower (mostly how to calculate savings of water and money with a low flow shower heads).

Or you can watch this at YouTube.com.

Go to the Resource "Conservation - Water - Showers" section.

Resource Conservation - Heat:

A Few Tips To Keep Your Kitchen Cool In The Summer:

Or you can watch it at YouTube.com

Resource Conservation - Electricity:

The following is an early Greencompletely.com video about the use of the Westek "Dusk Till Dawn" photo sensor socket.

Or you may go to YouTube.com to watch it.

See the write up for these devices at the "Resource Conservation - Electricity - Outdoor Lighting" section.

Here is another early video we did on the Overdrive dimmable PAR30 bulbs.

Or you can watch it on YouTube.com.

Resource Conservation - Fuel:

None Yet.

Resource Conservation - Soil:

Check out the video series, The Enabled Garden.
You will see stories of people overcoming disabilities so that they can garden.

More Videos Coming:

More on the way.