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How to use Greencompletely.com


Going green is a process, we are here to help.

At Greencompletely.com we recognize that "going green" can take some time to figure out. We are here to help with that. No scare tactics, just plain old fashion common sense (and some math). The site is organized to help you find answers quickly. It does not matter if you are new at it or have been "green" for years.
    Therefore we have organized the web site in easy to understand sections. These sections can be accessed through the menus above and to the left.

Free Tips:
We believe that the best green plan starts by saving money doing things that don't cost any money. The free tips section contains many money saving ideas that get you going.

Resource Conservation:
It makes sense to conserve things like electricity, water, heat and fuel. We show you that it make dollars and cents by taking a more economic approach to the conservation of these resources.

Green Products:
Some solutions to your conservation issues might require you to buy products. You can check out our Amazon.com store or our affiliates for the products you might need.

Green Services:
Some of the green solutions you seek may require professionals to guide, install, inspect and service what you buy. We provide some guidance in that area.
Rebates and Government Money:
When you have decided what to buy and who to hire, you should also see if there are programs to help you fund your green path. In this section, we help you explore how these solutions are regulated, tested and funded.

Green Calculators:
How do you know the changes you make are actually going to save you money? What amount of time do you need to get a return on your investment? Both good questions. That is why most all of our conservation topics include a calculator. You can see the collection of them at the "Green Calculators" section.

Garbage and Recycling:
In this section, we explore the economics of throwing away less and recycling more. It may surprise you to find out just how much money can be saved.

Much, Much More ...
It does not stop there. There is much more to see. We are constantly researching to provide you with the most up to date information we can. We want your green journey to be something you own and Greencomplely.com can help you do that.