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     We are glad you found us. We will try hard to make you glad too. Here are some reasons new users come to our site. If these aren't your reasons, browse our categories. Please, click on the subjects below to read more.


I am looking to go green but I don't know how to start.

     We think that making a plan is a great start. Whether you are a big corporation or a single individual in an apartment. Click here to see the steps we recommend.

I have a plan to go green. I just want to research devices to help me conserve resources.

      We have researched many things in the area of resource conservation. We break it into 4 areas (so far): Water, Electricity, Heat, Fuel. Look at the top menu item called "Resource Conservation" and see the areas we have researched so far.

I need help finding a recycler in my area.

     We have started a recycler database in the Services section of the web site. This database is searchable for your state and use. Follow this link to that database.

I am looking for all those rebates people are talking about.

     There are many programs by Utility companies, state/city governments for all kinds of green activity. Go here to find all kinds of rebates.

I am just looking for some free tips to help me go green.

     We have developed the "Free Tip" section. We are still adding tips so keep checking back.

I would like to buy some products to help me go green.

     Go to The Greencompletely.com Store to see all of the green products we have.

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