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Why Multiple Store Affiliates?

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     To better service your needs. We understand, you have many internet stores to choose from for green products. Not a single one is going to get you everything you are trying to find. Therefore, we provide stores that have been screened for quality and availability.


      Greencompletely.com is in the business of researching green issues and finding solutions. As we add new discussion topics, we look for products that provide solutions to those issues. Vendors like Amazon.com and others sell green products, some of which we may recommend. Our goal is to strive to continuously add to our content on a variety of conservation topics and provide research to allow our customers to make informed choices on what products are best for them, regardless of who sells them. After identifying products that we can recommend to our customers, we seek vendors that can supply them readily.
     The criteria we use to determine which products are recommended by our site (and sold in our affiliate stores) include quality, customer reviews, and availability. We also use tools like the Better Business Bureau, Consumer Reports, Angie's List and much more to research vendors (and products).  Note: we do not pick the products our vendors sell, however, we do direct you to the products we recommend.
     The "green products" industry is changing fast. So fast that we at Greencompletely.com can not devote our resources to keeping up with all of the new products coming out. Our affiliate vendors, however, do that as a matter of course. They keep up with new styles, colors and models of the product types we look at here. Therefore, you will be buying the most recent products and we will be providing the most recent research. This is a win-win for you. We will argue the relevance of a product type and then you can find it in our stores.
      This makes Greencompletely.com your one stop shop for the green solutions you are looking for. Although we can't cover everything, our research is ongoing. The topics we do cover will arm you with information on the costs and benefits. You will save time (money) making the choices that are right for you and provide you with easy access for purchase of the products. Keep checking back, we are frequently adding to our content.