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Green Services: Recycling Facilities

Looking for a place to take your discards? We may have what you are looking for. Here are some alternatives to the landfill.


There are many places springing up all across the nation that want to take portions of your discards. There are also facilities that have been around for decades.
     In general, you may be able to divert a very high % of your discard from the landfill if you are willing to spend a few extra minutes.

Where to start:
Start old-school. Call (or visit website) of your current garbage provider. They tend to know who, in your area, are involved in the "waste" business besides them.
     Also a quick scan of the Yellow Pages under "Recycling Center" or "Scrap" could yield some positive results.

General Purpose:
There are many data bases designed to show places that you can bring some of your discards locally. Consider visiting the following websites.
Many charitable organizations and entrepreneurs will take your old stuff and make it new or find another use for it. Consider these avenues for your discards. Organic:
Organic wastes range from grass clippings to table scraps. This waste could also be paper, plant based plastics and other materials. These materials can be burned, composted or placed in a bioreactor. Learn about some of the possibilities from the following links. E-cycle:
You see this term targeting electronics recycling. Some programs are for very specific electronics such as computers, monitors, mobile phones, fax machines and so on. Many manufacturers and retailers of electronic devices have programs to accept your old devices. Also, recyclers and charitable organizations accept these devices as well. Here are a few links to check out.