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Press Releases
Greencompletely.com has had several milestones. Below are the ones they have published.


         "It is hard to believe that three years has gone by" says Donald Kenning, Owner of Greencompletely.com. This Physicist and part time teacher said, "It has been a struggle to add content while learning how to run a business, program a web site, create animations, edit videos and find the affiliates that have the right products and services. Even though I thought I had researched  it pretty well, I was clueless how to do all of this." 
         Kenning started this business during one of the worst economic climates since the Great Depression but he justifies that by saying,".. this site will help people save money."  He speaks of how disappointed he was when the first version of the Greencompletely.com was published on the internet yet he continued on. He felt there was a need to get the word out that there was a new way to look at eco-issues. He wanted people to know that there is not a "one size fits all" solution to the problems we have. His main goal, to inform. He busied himself with researching an issue, then he would look at what products and services solve that issue. Then, he would simply and honestly present the solutions so that visitors to the site could decide what is best for them.
         What is the hardest part of your research?  Kenning's answer," Companies are not always very forthcoming about the materials and processes used to make their products. Even if I know the materials that make up everyday products, there does not seem to be a lot of facilities that help you throw the products "away" in an eco-friendly manor. I am not talking about aluminum cans and computer paper, but objects we throw away every day that are made up of many different materials."  Donald seems frustrated at times as he describes the barriers to his research.
         The look of the web site today is very different than it was 3 years ago, but, to the casual observer, it still may not look like much. There is not a lot of wiz bang animations and colors that pop out. However, there is a lot of information. He has taken great strides in providing a lot of breath to the web site. If one sits down to read his research, it leads down a path that helps make sense of what everyone is talking about. Kenning does not do this with threats of doom but with a common sense approach to resource management.
         "I have turned a corner", says Kenning. Mr. Kenning is referring to the simplification of his business model over the last 6 months. "Now that my company can represent the products and services without carrying any inventory I can get on with the business of providing research and solutions to the many visitors of the site."  With the process streamlined and his confidence in his acquired skills over the last 3 years, Mr. Kenning believes that his site will now be much more competitive with a lot of the "green" web sites out there today. The web site is www.greencompletely.com
    This even captures the half time show at football games and makes it into competition. This spectacular event in Pasco, WA. had 5 teams from across the northwest (Seattle, Portland, Casper, Santa Clara, Denver). This was one of the stops along the way to a national competition. These teams aren't your typical marching band. When these teams perform, it is a show, and a good one at that.
        The competition combines all of the elements of a half time show, marching band, bugle corps, drum line and drill team. The drill team works with flags, mock riffles and other props in a synchronized way (like you see at the half time show).

        The teams are mostly high school age and college age people who love the competition so much they are willing to give up their entire summer to participate in. Greencompletely.com recognized the hard work and dedication these teams put into creating a show worthy to behold. That is why we eagerly became a sponsor of the event and look forward to what next years competition will bring.