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What's New?

What's New?

Working on now:
-- Videos to supplement information.
-- Adding new section to Conservation. "Soil".
-- More Free Tips.


Update 9/1/15:
-- Added new section to Conservation. "Soil".  

3/29/13 Update:
-- Added a new page in the "recyclable materials" section about glass.

3/21/13 Update:
Finally figured out the "density calculator" for the Aluminum Section.

3/6/13 Update:
Added new page in the "Recyclable Materials" section on "Aluminum".
-- Add new affiliate, Garden.com.

3/3/12 Update:
-- Finished page on "Composting". Very informative.
-- Working on the "Aluminum" page in the "Recyclable Materials" section.

2/24/12 Update:
-- Edited the "Recyclable Materials" page. Now with a link to "Organic Materials".
-- Began edit on "Composting" page connected to "Organic Materials".
-- Will include more materials to the "Recyclable materials" section soon. Such as Aluminum, Glass, Batteries and so on.

2/12/13 Update:
Added a new affiliate: Walgreens.
-- Re-edited the "Business Recycling" page so that it is more informative, and have started editing for business types.
-- Started editing the "Business Recycling-Restaurants" page.

2/6/13 Update:
--Our Amazon.com store is now past 320 products. We are adding more. Please, request items that you would like to see.

1/31/13 Update:
Many things have been updated since November. On main thing is that Green Irene has been bought out and is no longer providing products for our store. Therefore, we have been busy putting many new products in our Amazon.com store. Please, be patient while we bring our product mix back up to the coverage we had before.
-- Streamlined the "Garbage and Recycling" section so that it is easier to read. We still have much more to do in that area.

11/10/12 Update:
-- The water heater section is more complete. We have a page that explains how the calculators make their calculations. That page is about 80% complete.
-- We have published a new video. This one is about low flow shower heads and can be found in the "Resource conservation - Water - Shower" section of the site on the "Videos" tab.
-- Redesigned home page. We have had some comments that our home page is "too busy". Now we do the same things with one picture.
-- The Greencompletely.com Store has been redesigned a little to make it simpler to use.
-- Web site beatification project. We are currently making the use of color and images to help make the web site clearer to navigate. You will see this in parts of the site, however, we still have more pages to apply this project to.

10/19/12 Update:
-- Yes, it took us a while but we finally finished the "Resource Conservation - Heat - Water Heaters" section. It took longer than expected because there was so much to research (and we did not do much with commercial water heaters). This section has 5 calculators to help you calculate your needs in water heaters. We are currently integrating these calculators with other sections that call for them. We are going through water heaters one more time to correct grammar and other issues.
-- We have uploaded several updates since 9/22, most of them involved the water heater section and there was little in other areas.

9/22/12 Update:
-- About 70% finished with Hot Water Heaters section.
-- A few more links to city water rates.
-- Still finishing the video about showers. 

9/18/12 Update:
-- Writing up a section on Hot Water heaters. About 40% done. There is some good information there so far, but you can not make buying decision from what is written.
-- Putting the finishing touches on the video about showers. Will be out shortly. 

9/11/12 Update:
-- About 75% done with the look up page for water rates.
-- Making the site a little more colorful.
-- Many other "behind the scenes" changes all designed to make your experience more efficient.

8/31/12 Update:
-- We stated that we finished "Toilets" but we added more information, functionality and products.
-- Also gained 3 new affiliates. They are Office Max, Blindsgalor and peapod.com. You can see them on our affiliates page, or their ads scattered throughout the site.
-- Also added a page to help our visitors look up their water rates.

8/16/12 Update:
-- Just finished a new section "Resource Conservation - Water - Toilets". Lot of great information there. That also has a new calculator and we will be putting it into the "Green Savings Calculators" on the next upload.
-- More easy of use and design issues fixed.
-- We have started a "Water Costs" calculator to help you figure out the costs of your water. 

8/9/12 Update:
-- Finished "Resource Conservation - Water - Sinks" section. We created a green calculator with that section so there is now 4 calculators in the "Green Savings Calculators" section.
-- This new section added another 25 products to our Amazon.com Store. We are still editing our Spec Sheet section for these new products.

8/3/12 Update:
Almost finished writing up a section about sinks at "Resource Conservation - Water - Sinks". Should be finished in the next day or two.
-- Added new products to our Amazon.com Store. Almost to 200 products now.
-- Added new accents to several pages. Will have most of that finished soon.

7/27/12 Update
-- Redesigned the look of the "Greencompletely.com Store" to be much more usable.
-- Finished redesign on the Home Page.
-- Redesigned the "Free Tips" section and added some new tips. We will be adding several more soon.
-- Adding many new pictures and visuals.

7/20/12 Update
Released a new ad on YouTube called "Plank you for Recycling".
--Finished Population Centers for the Tri-Cities.
-- Working on some areas to make them more usable (we hope you like the new home page).

7/1/12 Update:
Have really "gone to town" on the Population Centers - Tri-Cities. Look for the "Greener side of entertainment" section of that section. We have a whole new section of where to go.
-- Released a new ad on YouTube which is called, "Going Green Can Be Easy". We had fun making it.

6/14/12 Update:
-- After the redesign we have changed the site to be a little more searchable.
-- Have more or less completed the Population Centers - Tri-Cities.

5/15/12 Update:
-- We are done with the redesign. Yea!! See some of the things we have done.

5/14/12 Update:
-- Finished up the remodel of  "Conservation - Electricity - Outdoor Lighting".
-- Just a few more pages and we will be done with the remodel of the web site.

5/8/12 Update:
-- Pretty much done with the Opinion and Editorial section.
-- So close to finishing the redesign. Just a few general business pages, and a small section in the Conservation section and we are done.

5/3/12 Update:
-- Pretty much done with Tri-cities Population Center.

4/30/12 Update:
-- Update to the Tri-Cities Population Center is taking longer than we thought it would. Should have it cornered in a day or two.

4/23/12 Update:
-- Have been working on the Tri-Cities Population center. Should be done with that soon.

4/10/12 Update:
-- Changed a lot of content since last update. Resource Conservation - Heat, is mostly done.

3/22/12 Update:
-- Opinion and Editorial done except Donald Kenning's blog.
-- "Resource Conservation - Fuel" redesign complete.
-- Site Map redesigned.

3/19/12 Update:
The "Garbage and Recycling" section is done (redesigned). Add a lot of new content, can add tons more when the redesign of the entire web site is finished.
-- Redesigned the "Personal Choices" section. We can add a lot more here.
-- Also, did a lot of work in the Opinion and Editorial section.

3/17/12 Update:
Almost finished with "Garbage and Recycling" Section. Had to update a lot of research and fill in many holes. Still a lot we still can do.

3/15/12 Update:
-- About 1/2 done with "Garbage and Recycling" section.
-- Did a couple of general purpose pages.

3/12/12 Update:
-- Finished redoing the programmable thermostat section.
-- More of the general business pages.
-- Started redoing the "Recycling and Garbage" Section.

3/4/12 Update:
Redid some of the "Other" pages, like "Privacy Policy", "Promotions" and "Calendar" pages.

3/1/12 Update:
-- Finally finished our third "green calculator" for light bulbs.
-- Pretty much finished the Light bulb section. We are still having a slight formatting problem. Just need to redo the "Buyers Guide".
-- More clean up of things.

3/24/12 Update:
Finished the Indoor Light fixtures section.
-- Redoing the Light Bulbs section. This is taking a long time because we cover so many light types and efficiencies. Should be done, with a calculator in the next few days.

3/16/12 Update:
-- Finished the Resource Conservation - Water - Showers section.
-- Finished the redesign on the Vampire Section.
--Creating a page just for our calculators.

3/12/12 Update:
-- All of the "Rebates and Government Money" has been redesigned.
-- We are almost finished with the "Resource Conservation - Water - Showers" section. We are particularly proud of the new water conservation calculator we created for this section. This type of calculator will be used in other parts of the web site.
-- Still redesigning a few pages that were redesigned.

3/5/12 Update:
Finally we are finished with the Tax Breaks and Rebates section.
-- Finishing up the redesign on the Rebates and Government Money section.
-- Haven't decided which section to redesign next. If you want you can write us with something you really want to see redesigned.

2/3/12 Update:
Not much to report here. We are still working on the "Tax Breaks and Rebates" section. There is a page for each state (plus D.C., and our territories). This is a total of 53 pages. We have done more than 30 of them.
-- We hope you like the new look and feel of the site. We would like to hear your comments. Please, shoot us a quick e-mail from our new "Contact Us" page. 

2/1/12 Update:
Redesigned in the "Tax Breaks and Rebates" section of the site. Have about 20 out of 50 states done.
-- Redesigned some pages that were redesigned recently. These pages were not to the standard set 1/7/12. We still have a few pages like those to update.

1/29/12 Update:
Finally updated the Contact Us page. Now includes a fill out form for e-mails. It has a human verification which is the picture and number. We were trying a simple number generator but could not figure out the code just yet.
-- Have made some changes to "Tax Breaks and Rebates" area. Not quite done with that.

1/21/12 Update:
Finished the Free Tips area.
-- Finished the Services Area
-- Redid  the background of the site. See if you can notice the difference.

1/19/12 Update:
Got a few more affiliates.
-- Redesign is progressing.
-- Redid the background of the site.

 1/16/12 Update:
Working on the redesign of the web site.
-- Added new affiliates. We will be updating our Affiliates page as we add them.
-- Added more products to the Amazon Store. Home decorative LED.

1/11/12 Update:
Very serious about the new web site design. We are working very fast to get it done.
-- Made the "Services" Section the "Green Services" section.
-- Added a page to specifically show you our progress changing the site. You can find the redesign page here. We hope you like the lay out of the page. That is our standard.

1/9/12 Update:
-- Added a new affiliate - Organic Boutique. We want to welcome to our family of affiliates.
-- Finally have the standard for the redesign. We have redesigned 9% of the pages but have to revisit a few pages because the design has been refined.

1/8/12 Update:
Added a new affiliate - Organic Beauty Now. We would like to welcome them to our a family of affiliates and hope they will be with us for a long time.
-- Standardizing the web site to the new design is continuing. Only about 7% of the web site is done.

1/5/12 Update:
Bringing "man and machine" together on the page. We are readjusting our key words and page designs so that the web site is more searchable (relevant) and aesthetically pleasing (more readable).  Bear with us while the web site changes it's look and feel.
-- We are still writing the Heating small areas and Heat leak detection sections of the web site.
-- Working on a e-mail comment box in the Contact us section but for now use the e-mail address shown in that section.

1/1/12 Update:
-- Changed the home page. More changes coming.
-- Changes to the store display.
-- Navigation for the site has changed.
-- Will be adding more Conservation categories soon.

12/30/11 Update:
-- Added a new write up in the "Heat" conservation section "Heat Leak Detection". 70% done.
-- More changes to the Lay out of the web site.
-- Now using carousel product widgets for some of the products we recommend from Amazon.
-- Almost done with the "Heating Small Areas" section. 90% done.

12/26/11 Update:
Added many more products to the Amazon.com store (past 80 products now).
-- Made navigating the Store area of our web site easier.
-- Have pretty much finished electric/baseboard heaters in the heat/cool small areas section.
-- Have begun writing up the section on infrared heaters.
-- We wrote a press release announcing the fact that we have been in business for 3 year.

12/19/11 Update:
-- Installed a new Amazon.com astore to our site. This store combines all of our previous widgets into one. We have also add some new products. More than 50 products so far at that store.
-- Did some more work on electric/baseboard heaters in the heat/cool small areas section.
-- Widened the site. We were 850 pixels wide, now we are 950 pixels wide. This was to display the Amazon store fully.
-- Enhanced navigation for our stores, products and policies so it is more intuitive for the visitor.
-- Much more to come, keep watching.

12/15/11 Update:
We moved. We originally began our site hosted by Register.com. Now we are with JustHost.com (Supergreenhosting.com merged with them). A visitor to the site will notice no difference.
-- The section on heating small areas is much closer to being finished.

10/20/11 Update:
-- Fixed a menu problem.
-- More work done on "Heat solutions for small areas". We have completed "fireplace and wood stove", "Heat pump" and have most of "pellet stove" completed.
-- Smoothed out navigation for the site (still have some work to do).

10/7/11 Update:
-- Began the Heat solutions for small area. This section compares how to heat small houses, or just a few rooms. Still under construction.
-- More clean up of the site and new products for the Greencompletely.com Store.

9/15/11 Update:
-- Finished the "Fair Parking" write up.
-- Cleaned up more code in the "Products" area.

8/30/11 Update:
Added new content called "Fair Parking". In "Conservation - Fuel - Fair Parking". Just a little more to write.
-- Adjusted code to make the pages load faster.

8/22/11 Update:
-- Added more products to the Amazon.com Widgets.
-- Added more detail to the Spec sheet page.
-- More of the outdoor lighting section completed.

8/20/11 Update:
-- More State links on the "Tax Breaks and Rebates" Section. All done.
-- More added to the Book corner of the Amazon.com Widgets

8/18/11 Update:
--More products on our Amazon.com Widgets.
--More state links on the "Tax Breaks and Rebates" section.
-- Wrote more in the Outdoor lighting section.

8/16/11 Update:
-- More links on the "Tax Breaks and Rebates" section. About half done.
-- More products on our Amazon.com widgets.

8/14/11 Update:
-- More menu simplification. Moved "Population Centers" to left nav. bar.
-- Work on products section to make that easier to navigate.
-- Work on getting spec. sheets section more relevant, need to find more that are available at Green Irene.
-- Rearranged "Tax Breaks and Rebates" section. More stable links. Approximately 30% done.

8/8/11 Update:
Redesigned the homepage. Removed some of the clutter.
-- Made a little clearer the message of the site. Going green saves money.

8/3/11 Update:
-- Completed the Conservation-Fuel-Buying a Vehicle section.

8/2/11 Update:
-- Color scheme for parts of the web site more consistent.
-- Some re-writing of the Conservation-Fuel section.
-- Some more clean up of the Conservation section in general. Conservation section about 80% re-written.
-- More graphics, more stuff.

7/30/11 Update:
-- More tips added in the Free Tips section.
-- General clean up of some text (without re-write) in some sections, preparing for re-write.

7/28/11 Update:
-- Finished the table of state agencies in the Agency Services section.
-- Re-wrote the Cooling Small Areas section.
-- Updated Products section. Many more products to tell you about and get spec. sheets for.
-- Added new content to Outdoor Lighting section. Almost done.

7/25/11 Update:
-- Have put at least 1 tip for each category in our Free Tips area.
-- Added a new page explaining who are the Greencompletely.com affiliates.

7/23/11 Update:
-- Attention everyone. We want people to visit the Free Tips area. At this time the Skeleton of how we are going to present this section is there with the first few categories. We want everyone to visit it and tell us if it is organized in the right way or if you have suggestions of how it should be changed. We will pursue it the way it is for the next 2 days. Write us with suggestions.

7/20/11 Update:
-- Completed the re-write of "Conservation-Heat-Thermostats" section.
-- Small improvements in other areas.

7/18/11 Update:
Completed the new write up for showers in "Conservation-Water-Showers".
-- Improved the greencompletly.com store.
-- Began work on re-writing the thermostat section.
-- Began a new write up on sinks in the water conservation area.

7/15/11 Update:
-- Installed the new Greencompletely.com Store
-- Vampire Section pretty much complete.
-- New homepage look.

6/20/11 Update:
-- A few updates to the Conservation section.
-- Working on changing the e-commerce part of the web site.

5/2/11 Update:
Cleaned up some of the content for the Conservation section. Namely in the outdoor lighting section.
- Fixed a dead link on the menu bar.

11/29/10 Update:
-- New "What's New" scrolling content on the home page. Let us know if you like it.
-- More work done on the light bulb section. Almost done.
-- Fixed link to Conservation section

11/23/10 Update:
-- More work done on the light bulbs section (Conservation/Electricity).
-- Resolved the conflicts the new menu has with some of the other scripts being run on some of the pages.

11/12/10 Update:
New menu. It may look the same, but the new menu will not move around (or should not). This new menu interferes with a few pages (ones with slide shows). We will resolve this over the next day or two. Also, the menu, links to website pages (http:// ... ) instead of interconnecting with site files.
-- More written in the "Conservation -Electricity" Section. For light bulbs. There is more coming to that section and will be the next thing edited as soon as the new menu is tested.

10/28/10 Update:
-- Three updates since 10/24. All of the landing pages for the main navigation bar are updated.
-- The drop down menu for the "Products" tab has changed and all of their landing pages have been updated.
-- More work on the main template to make it more consistent.
-- We will be going left to right on the improvements. Therefore the next section to improve is Services, then Conservation, then Garbage and Recycling, you get the picture.

10/24/10 Update:
-- We have done a few more updates since 10/19. Have been working hard on the main navigation bar landing pages. However, sometimes when modifying a landing page from the main nav. bar, we need to update some of the lower pages.
-- Updated the "products" landing page, added more spec. sheets to the spec sheet area so that now most products have spec. sheets. The spec. sheet landing page still needs to be updated.
-- The "Video" landing page has been updated, however, their landing pages still need work.
-- The "Tax Breaks, Rebates and other government" landing page has been updated, as well as a few pages below that.

10/19/10 Update:
Several updates since 10/13. There have been 3 updates since then.
-- The updates include, updates on the Conservation section, Products section, Rebates section, Blog section.
-- The language, feel and look has changed, but the process is long. We have allotted the next 3 weeks to make that change. Therefore we are not adding content at this time, we are making the site easier to read, surf and search. This change is well thought out but we are finding that we have to re-code all 200 pages of the site. That does not happen over night. Therefore, we are changing one page at a time, starting at the top sections of the web site working our way down. This may not be the way most web sites do it, but we are testing as we go and it is easier to test as we develop. We hope you like the new fell and look of the site. Please, give us feed back on the site. Thank you.

10/13/10 Update:
-- Smoothed out the Population Centers area. There is still just the Tricities, Wa. but it navigates much better. This upload keeps all of the old files so that if it does not work, all the information is saved.
-- The sliding text on the "First Visit" page is still not right, we will be redoing that part.

10/10/10 Update:
The main template is done for the most part for now. What we are working on now is changing the tone of the individual page. The 5 top homepage links have changed quite a bit (accept this one).
-- more bread crumbs and more search able.
-- Sliding text has been introduced so that you do not have to read everything just to find what you are looking for.
-- New spinning logo, and other graphical improvements.

10/4/10 Update:
-- Did more work on the main template, there is now a drop down for Services. Will be working on a drop down menu for Population centers and Products.
-- Worked on individual pages to make them more readable. Have a long way to go.

9/30/10 update:
-- Reworked the main web site template. Some individual pages have changed because of this so I am reworking these pages now. Write an e-mail if you want something changed.
-- Changed the top icon and added a favicon to the address line of your browser. 

9/25/2010 Update:
Added more to the discussion about small area cooling. Still a little to construct.
-- More bread crumbs and meta tags (this means the google search of the web site is more meaningful).
-- Added more to the discussion about small area heating. This part is still mostly under construction.

9/23/2010 Update:
-- Added more links in the Recycling database, in the Services section. Now have WA, OR, CA and ID. Many more links coming.
-- more bread crumbs and meta tags.

9/15/2010 Update:
Added more links in the Recycling database. Now have some for Washington, Oregon, and California. Many more links to come.
-- more bread crumbs and meta tags.

9/7/10 Update:
-- Installed the new recycling database in the Services section. Just testing Washington State for now, will add more states later.

8/24/10 Update:
-- Added a video section (on the left side bar). This puts into one place the videos made by Greencompletely.com . They are all on Youtube.
-- Added more content in the small area cooling section. Still have some construction left on that.

8/2/10 Update:
Added a new Greencompletely.com Ad.
-- New section on small area cooling. Still under some construction.
-- More bread crumbs.

4/29/10 Update:
Changed how sales tax is charged at the store. I got some bad accounting advice in the past and as I researched, I found that we do not have to charge sales tax except to sales made in the state of Washington. We will be sending refund checks to previous customers that were charged.
-- Have been working on videos for another site so that we have good knowledge to make videos for Greencompletely.com properties.
-- Added dimmer switches to The Greencompletely.com Store. These dimmer switches are for CFL's and LEDs as well as incandescent.

4/11/10 Update:
-- Installed a "Privacy Policy", which is one of the last steps before accreditation from the BBB.

4/8/10 Update:
-- Installed a section on Indoor lighting.

3/18/10 Update:
-- More bread crumbs.
-- Added a video with tips helping you process tin cans.

3/15/10 Update:
-- New section in the Conservation - Fuel section. This is about going to on-line meetings instead of flying out to meetings. See Going to Meetings.
-- Intro video can be seen from the link on the home page (at the bottom) or Go Here.
-- Fixed the overlap of left side bar and content.

3/3/10 Update
finally publishing Part 4 "The answer" to the blog "Health care debate, why aren't we seeing the math"?
-- finished the intro video a week ago, still need to load it somewhere on this site.
-- more bread crumbs
-- More work done on the photo gallery.

2/11/10 Update
Photo gallery. Finally something to look at in the photo gallery (with bread crumbs). I am going to show you 100's of pictures to help you go green. Be patent and see.

2/9/10 Update
still more bread crumbs.
-- Fixed a few more problems the new master template created.
-- New video about PAR 30 dimmable lights in the Conservation - Electricity Section

1/30/10 Update
I have updated a few times since the previous. I have finished the templates I will use for the Population centers.
-- I was having problems making a stable header of the site. It is more stable.
-- Fleshed out the Tri-Cities Population Centers more, but still have much work to do on that.

1/3/10 Update.
More bread crumbs.
-- The blog page is changed to allow comments from readers.

12/28/09 Update.
Redesign of the "Products" page. It is easier to see what is available in the store and what parts of this site support the products.
-- A lot more pages with "bread crumbs" but still have a long way to go.
-- Creating a Buyers Guide for light bulbs. 

12/21/09 Update.
Much more has been updated between 11/22 and now.
-- Google search installed above.
-- Work on making the site much more searchable (still in progress).
-- More products added to store (Commercial LED's and stuff).
-- Easier to use Population Centers. Will put in the blank templates and add to them as time goes on.
-- You asked for them, installed some "bread crumbs", I will eventually have bread crumbs on every page.

11/22/09 Update.
More updates to "Population Centers" for the tri-cities.

11/18/09 Update.
Installed new feature called "Population Centers". Go to this section to find a bunch of information for your town or county. Still developing the first town (Richland, Pasco, Kennewick, WA)
-- More free tips, some on garbage now.
-- Some work started on recycling facilities.

11/5/09 Update.
Finished "Buying a vehicle"

11/1/09  Update.
Part 3 of my blog on health care, almost finished.
-- "Buying a vehicle" in Conservation/fuel section. almost done.

10/26/09 Update.
Part 2 of my blog on health care, the story is half told
-- "Buying a vehicle" for the Conservation/fuel section, not quite complete but getting there.

10/10/09 Update.
-- Reframing my template system. I hope you like the new look and the added depth my menus can go. I might not have every page incorporated, but that will soon be fixed.
-- Made the home page a little easier to read, hopefully. I may not be done but it looks better. 
-- Fixed some other odd areas of the site that were effected by the last template change.

10/5/09 Update.
-- Wrote a blog about "Public Option" and the efficiencies that may bring.

9/28/09 Update.
-- Started wood fiber recycling in the Recyclable materials section, check here to see this section.

9/27/09 Update.
-- did a few updates earlier, I changed the background color, and some of the stuff on the left nav. bar
-- Mostly completed the plastics section of Recyclable materials.

9/22/09 Update.
-- changed the background color of the site
-- Began working on the "recyclable materials" area, in the plastics area.

9/17/09 Update.
--Finished the research on the "photo sensor" activated lights for outdoor lighting (and added that product line to The Greencompletely.com Store).

9/15/09 Update.
Did more framing on different areas (cool research, gov and org section). Most all of the major framing is done now on this site. Someone asked me what I mean by "framing". The foundation is the basic organization of the site, with empty pages holding the place for content. Framing is content put on those pages to tell you what kind of content will be in this section of the site. Next actual content is linked to these pages. So now the site building will be mostly content building.
-- I looked at the site in other browsers and it looks like I have to condition the left navigation bar a little more. I am currently developing a strategy for changing the code.

9/14/09 Update.
Added advertisement to another template.
-- Made navigation bar on the left better to look at and use.
-- Changed my store minimum to $10.
-- Updating the nav bar may have created some bugs on some pages. I am investigating this but at the time of upload I believe that they are mostly taken care of. I will find them all.

9/10/09 Update.
Added stuff to the "Future of Green" section. Yea, the commentary is a bit lengthy but it may give you something to think about. The other content will be added soon.
--Began work on my blog #2. Notice that is not linked. I am still working on that as of this upload.

9/9/09 Update.
--Some framework for Things made out of Garbage section.
--Put in press release about Drums along the Columbia.
--Some framework in the Fuel section of Conservation.
--Added an advertising "googleAD" onto nav bar of the main template and considering putting it on more templates.

9/8/09 Update.
--More framework for home and business Garbage section.
--Making the results for the Tax breaks and Rebates come out in table form.
--A little bit of working on recycling section.
--Added an advertising "googleAD" onto the left side bar on the main template. I am not sure if I will add this to every template. Let me know.

9/6/09 Update.
--Framework for the Business and Home Recycling sections.
--Made the Easter egg visible on more pages.
--A few more links in the Services section.
--Comments on web site construction.

9/5/09 Update.
Newest stuff:

--Updated left navigation bar to go deeper in the site. It screwed up some pages. We are fixing those things now. They are mostly fixed at this update.
-- Created a "What's New?" page (this page). Took a few hours to create the link graphic. E-mail us if you notice any broken links or anything you want changed.




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