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Tax Breaks and Rebates

tax breaks and rebates
    The rest of the Greencompletely.com site shows you how economical it is to "go green" and where the biggest payoffs can be quickly found. This section of the web site is devoted to helping you find outside sources of money to make your green projects even more economical.


government    A lot of money is devoted to helping businesses and individuals "go green". This money exists at the Federal, State, county and even the city level.
     Some of these programs are broken up into categories like Business, Residential, Multi-Family (apartments and condos), Agriculture and Industrial.  
     When looking through the list for programs that might benefit you, remember that some of them are well funded. If you see a past expiration date on a program, they may still have funding and may have extended the program.
     In some cases, these programs recommend more expensive items or may require installation by contractors but the rebate or additional energy savings may result in lower costs in the long run. 
     More up front costs may give lower cost of ownership due to better quality (longer life) or lower usage of consumables such as water, electricity, etc. They may even have a Return On Investment (ROI) earlier than alternatives that you do yourself with cheaper products.
      As a business it may be thought that some programs aren't worth the time/labor to try. We encourage you to calculate your ROI carefully. Some programs can pay as much as 70% of your project costs.

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