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Home > Rebates and Government Money > Regulating Agencies  

Rebates and Government Money: Regulating Agencies

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     Sometimes we need to see what rules we need to follow when going green. Here we discuss the places you can go to find those rules.  


     Regulations govern the manufacture, installation and testing of products. They also dictate removal, transportation and disposal of products. These regulations are supposedly designed for our health, safety and fairness. We will help you find these regulations.
    For many of us it is difficult to find these regulations. Therefore, we have created a table of links to government agency sites.
These sites may be a bit difficult to use but there are many regulations. For now we will provide you with these links. As we poor through them we will try to point out specific areas to go though (so you do not waste a lot of time).
US EPA - Laws & Regulations
Department of Energy
Energy Star