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Rebates and Government Money: Private Organizations

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Money for your green project could come from the government. However, there are many non- or not-for-profit organizations that spend money on issues that you may care about.


    There are several private organizations set up to help people go green. Many have requirements to qualify for their money. Some of the requirements could be if you are low income or over 65 before they can help you. No matter what your situation, it does not hurt to look at these organizations.       Below are links to websites that may fund your green project. Some organizations will have more money than others so keep looking if you do not find what you are looking for.

Enterprise Community Partners:
This is a set of partners that are 501(c)(3) charitable and some elements are for-profit. They invest and loan to communities that want to go green and are in need.

Foundation Center:
The Foundation Center is a philanthropic database that can help you find foundations interested in the same things you are. Some of those things may be green projects.

This link will take you to a set of links. One link is for national orgainizations. There are links for each state on that same page.

More to come ...