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Rebates and Government Money

Rebates and Government Money
     Governments want to green things up so they are setting aside green (money). This part of the site is devoted to help you find money, qualifications and regulations the governments have made for people (and businesses) going green.


     Many decades ago, the government set up a massive machine to help clean this country up. They set aside massive money, created agencies and passed several regulations. The big polluters stopped polluting as much and so did everyone else. The air, water and land cleaned up quite a bit.
     These agencies continued on past the big polluters to the rest of us. They not only focused on pollution but conservation and efficiency. They set aside even more money for the rest of us to clean up even further.

     Currently, there is a bunch of money set aside to help businesses and people go green. This comes to us in the form of Income/sales tax breaks, rebates, grants and loans. We will help you find money for your projects in this section of the website. Bear in mind, with the government facing $16 Trillion in debt, some of the funding for these programs may be cut over time.
     Whether we want them or not, the government continues to pass laws that affect the way we live. This includes what we throw away, how we build and other aspects of our lives. Sometimes, people don't do what is deemed "right" so more regulations get passed.
     We will try to help you find the regulations in your area, the ones being proposed and the ones being changed.

     As solutions to problems become available labs (independent or government) test these solutions. Then they publish information about the effectiveness of the solution. We will try to help make sense of these results, so that you can do what makes sense for you.

Private Organizations:
     Lastly we look at some of the organizations that watch both sides (government, polluters and everyone else). We think they are a good check and balance to the process of going green. They also may have money to grant or loan.
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