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     Greencompletely.com has just a few employees. This page is devoted to showing you the bios of those people and why they lend their name to this important site. 


Donald Kenning, Owner:
picture of Donald Kenning      Hailing from Washington state Mr. Kenning has never lived in another state. Clarkston, Cle Elem, Hoodsport and Kennewick are just a few towns he has called home.  He lived his formative years in Hoodsport and went to Western Washington University where he received a B.S. in Physics.
     After college he worked for the WSU Mathematics Department while his wife studied for her PhD.  At 30, he became a proud father.
     After WSU this family moved to Kennewick where Mr. Kenning worked as a Physicist. After a good career as a scientist he decided to become a teacher.  So, in 2006 he went back to school. He obtained a teaching certificate in Physics in 2008.
     Mr. Kenning has always had an interest in efficient living (green living being a part of that). He started recycling programs at some of the places he worked.      In his home, he has reduced his utility bills and saved tons of material from going to the land fill.
     For him, the next logical step was to create this site. It combines two things he is passionate about. Greening this planet and teaching others. You will see as you go through the site, that we are here to mostly educate (not to sell stuff). If you buy stuff that is great, but we hope that everyone learns how easy going green is.

Contact him at info@greencompletely.com


Nick Kenning #2:
Picture of Nick Kenning      Born in Spokane, WA. he actually lived in Hoodsport for the first 3 years of his life. After which, he moved to the Kennewick, WA. and that is where he stayed. Currently, Nick is a student working on a computer science degree.
     Nick is intrigued by the reality of renewable resources such as wind power, geo-thermal, hydro-electric, etc.
     Naturally, when he was first offered the opportunity to work on Greencompletely.com, he was interested right away.
     Not only will this be a great way to apply what he has learned in his studies, he can share his interest and knowledge about green (and efficient) living.


 Donna Simmons, Columnist:
Picture of Donna Simmons      Donna Simmons was born in 1942 and has lived her entire life in Hoodsport, a small community in Western Washington. Since the late 1960s she has played a leading role in working toward the protection of natural resources throughout the Hood Canal watershed, first as an activist and later as a self-employed environmental education consultant. She has worked for various local, state, and tribal governments and private organizations and written numerous publications*.
     Donna retired from her job as a consultant in 2000 and currently spends her time gardening, drawing in pencils** and doing volunteer work.
She is a board member of a local environmental organization, a director of a county food bank, and a member of a regional watershed planning group. Her greatest pleasure in life is being with her husband of nearly fifty years, two children, three grandchildren and other family members.

* Listing of publications.
**A link to my web site.
You can see Donna's Section in the Blog section of this website. Her section is called "Deep Philosophical Thoughts Along the Trail by Donna Simmons".
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