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Home > Resource Conservation > Water > Cost Of Water 

Conservation: Water: Water Costs

flowing water
Unsure what your water costs per gallon? Here we will help you calculate it for yourself. 


City Water:
Usually you are charged a service fee + a fee for water used. Many times that water used will appear on your water bill as a charge per 100 Cubic Feet. Below is a calculator to convert cost per 100 CF to cost per gallon. Some water systems charge on different "tiers" based on water usage. If you are on a tier system, try to average out your cost for this calculator. Remember, some sewer utilities will also make charges based on your water usage. Make sure you use this in your calculations.
Personal Well:
Here, we make some estimates of how much electricity is needed to pump a gallon of water from your well. This may not be the most accurate estimate because there are other factors. 
Personal Water Catchment:
There are initial set up costs, maintenance and of course, it may not rain as much in your area. At this time we will not provide a calculator for this.
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  • Showerheads:
    Showerheads ________________
  • Sink & Faucet:
    Sink And Faucet ________________
  • Hot Water Heaters:
    Hot Water Heaters ________________
  • Toilet:
    Toilet ________________
  • Swimming Pool & Hot Tub:
    Swimming Pool & Hot Tub ________________



City Water Calculator: Based On 100 Cubic Feet = 748 Gallons

Rate charged per 100 Cubic Feet ($):
Hit the "Calculate" button:
Cost per gallon: $ Per Gallon
Remember: If your utility charges sewer based on your water consumption, you should include that into your calculation.
Unsure what your city charges? This link may help.


Personal Well: Electric Pump: Cost Per Gallon

Horse power of pump: Hp (1 Hp =746 Watt)
Estimate run time per day of pump: Minutes
Estimate gallons per day used: Gallons (pump may have flow meter)
Cost per KWHr: $ per KWHr
Hit the "Calculate" button: Will not work unless everything is filled in.
Cost per gallon: $ per gallon
* We know the calculation can be a little more complex. You will have to maintain the system and may have pressurizing pumps and controllers that consume power not accounted for here.

Check out WaterSense at the EPA: