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Resource Conservation: Soil

soil pics
     Soil is a collection of dirt, organic matter and water. Everyone can re-build this precious resource while gaining better nutrition, food security and sequestering carbon. Some good ways to regenerate soils are to grow plants and infiltrate rain water into the land. You can start right now and it is so simple.


What Are The Benefits? Tired of putting a lot of resources into a landscape that does not benefit you? We help you figure out just what benefits you can gain by making your landscape provide some of your food, fiber and medicine needs. It is simple and as time goes by, you will find that the benefits far outweigh the costs. "The Benefits Of Growing" your own food, fiber and medicine.

What is needed? Healthy soil makes healthy plants (and vice versa). We unravel the "mysteries" of growing healthy plants. You only need to know the "5 Things All Plants Need To Be Healthy". Spoiler: these things are free and easy.
Misconceptions?  Are current conventional landscape management methods the best for long term stewardship of our soils? If you are willing to question assumptions and be open to doing things differently,  see our page on "Misconceptions in Landscaping and Agriculture".

What's My Impact? If you change how your food, fiber and medicine is grown what kind of difference do you make in your family, community and world? Will it reduce the use of fossil fuels? Will it effect the health of your community? See our page how to Calculate Your Impact.


Home/Apartment Garden Urban/Suburban Permaculture No-till, Cash/Cover Crop Rotation
Paddock Shift Livestock Organic Farming Professional Permaculture
Conventional Orchard Conventional Meat Production Conventional Farm
Big Agra Companies Forestry The Enabled Garden


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