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Home > Resource Conservation > Heat  > Small Area Heat/Cool

Resource Conservation: Heat: Small Area Heat/Cool

Heating and Cooling Small Areas
Heating and cooling are usually thought of at a few levels. Large area and small area. We look at the small areas here


Basically, heating/cooling comes in two forms, large area and small area. The large area heat/cool are units that are permanently installed. These units are for areas larger than 2,000 square feet and can go down lower. Small area are more portable (not always) heat/cool units and can service areas up to 2,000 square feet.

Our focus for this section is to compare the systems for heat/cool small areas. The comparison will be at many levels so that you can find the heat/cool system most efficient for your needs.
     The discussion is broken up into two areas but there is some cross over (heat pump). Pick one of the categories below.

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