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Resource Conservation: Electricity: Outdoor Lighting

outdoor light fixture
It's simple. At night you want some areas outside your building to be light. We call these your 12 hour lights because the lights may be on and average of 12 hours. Here, we will try to give you some simple options for turning these lights on and off as well as help you find some fixtures that are right for your needs.  


     It is difficult sometimes to think about your outdoor lights. You flip a switch and the light turns on, flip that same switch and it turns off. However, how can you make them as efficient as possible?
     Automation. You want the lights to be on when it is necessary but off when they are not needed. Also, you do not want to think about it or flip the switch yourself.
     We will talk about 3 ways you can do this:
  1. Timer: Some install at the light switch and some install at the fixture.

  2. Photo Sensor: Your lights will turn on at dust and off at dawn.

  3. Motion Sensor: Lights will only come on when someone walks by.
Each have their advantages and disadvantages. Why not explore them with us?
Light Fixture:
     You may also accomplish your goal of having outdoor light when needed by replacing your fixture. We explore some fixtures in the "Switches" section (to the left).
    However, there is another type of fixture not mentioned in the "Switches" section:
  • Solar Powered: Fixtures that collect power during the day to use in the light at night.
Many Light fixtures today are ENERGYSTAR approved. We recommend the use of those fixtures.

If you need some help picking out the light bulbs that should go into these fixtures you may look at our light bulbs section. That section is chalk full of information about the latest light bulb technology.