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Home > Resource Conservation > Electricity > Lighting > Light Bulb Buyers Guide  

Electricity: Lighting (light bulbs) Buyers Guide

Having trouble figuring out what to buy? This may help.  construction

Light Output- "Lumens" not Watts. Light Color- A temperature in Kelvin (K)
Light output (lumens) Incandescent bulb (watt) Common Energy
Star CFL (Watt)
LED (Watt)
450 40 9 to 13 about 5
800 60 13 to 15 about 7
1,100 75 18 to 25 developing
1,600 100 23 to 30 developing
2,600 150 30 to 52 developing
color temperature
Base Shape
E Series: Screw in base. Common sizes used.
E11 and E12 E 17 e 26
E11 and E12, candelabra E 17 E 26 most common
GU Series: two pin type, Twist and Lock

Still under construction.