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Conservation: Electricity

power lines
     A lot of time and money is spent supplying our power hungry world with electricity. One way to help supply what people want (demand) everyday is to conserve what we generate.  Some events (like rolling black outs or brown outs) could be avoided if users are a little more "conservative" with power use.


     Here we look at ways to conserve electricity while still using the power that is needed to live our lives and perform our work. Some solutions may be easy and cheap and some, not so much.      We will analyze these solutions for efficiency, cost, availability, environmental impact and so on. Then you can determine what is right for you. Follow the linked items below:


Light Bulbs Light Fixtures Hot Water Heaters
Vampires (Phantom Power) DVD/CD/HD Players Electric Heaters
Swimming Pools & Hot Tubs Dishwasher Computers
Microwave Oven TV's