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Personal Choices: Momentum Management

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A Physics lesson that has real meaning. 


No, we are not kidding, a Physics lesson, here on  a green web site. Don't worry this will be easy. This discussion is about the energy of motion and all of us manage motions all the time.
    Every physical object has a mass (M) and if it is in motion it has a velocity (V). The momentum of any object is M x V. Because it is in motion it also has kinetic energy (K.E. = (1/2) x M x V2 ). It takes energy to start an object moving, energy to keep it moving, energy to change its direction, energy to speed up, energy to slow down and energy to stop.
     O.K. the Physics lesson is over. That was not so bad was it?

So, what is the point? The motions you manage require energy and in America you can move mountains.
     We are not just talking about walking, waving your hand or moving air through your mouth. You manage the motions of cars, bikes, trains, trucks and many other objects. The more mass you move the more energy required to do so. The faster the mass is move means the energy goes up by a square (2 times faster means 4 times the energy required).
The energy for motion is provided to us in many ways. Food for our bodies, Petroleum, electricity, heat are all forms of energy that enable use to move billions of objects around each day. In America these forms of energy are reasonably plentiful and easy to use.
     You may not even realize just how much momentum you are managing on a daily basis. It requires energy to move a vehicle around. The farther and faster you move it the more energy is spent. Your buying decisions mean other people will move things around for you. Even if you stay in your house, at your finger tips, you can summon tons of water, electricity, natural gas and food sources. It took a lot of energy to get those things into your house, that is why it is not free.
     Why should this have any meaning to you? Life is a journey of motion and what you do is important. Can you look back on that journey and say that you took an efficient path? We imagine that none of us can. However, looking at the path forward, can you now see new efficiencies? We hope so.

Specific examples ->Coming soon.