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Personal Choices

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Here we tackle an area not normally thought of as "green", personal choices.


We know that you are perfectly capable of making your own decisions. Therefore, we will not patronize you by saying we know best. That is not what this section is about. Nor are we going to provide you with a cookie cutter set of green choices that you should follow. You do not need that.
     This section is more to help you think about possibilities. An opportunity to have fun but grow personally and learn something about yourself in the process. We will never dictate what you should do but put you on your own path to new decisions. 
So, are you ready to start the journey? We think that you will find that you are already doing a great job with your personal decisions. However, we also think that you may find an area or two that you will want to improve upon.
     We will try to help you with that but only through the written word. Ultimately, it is up to you to make your own good decisions that are right for you.

Glance at the topics below. If you feel like reading one of them, click and start a journey. 


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