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Visitor Comments

Please, Comment.
Our many visitors have comments. These are a few of them. If you write in you may just see your comments here. Contact us.


Mersae M. from Kansas wrote us on Facebook saying:
I live on 6 acres outside of Wichita Ks. We separate our trash, but only burnable, non burnable (goes to the land fill) and what can be taken in for $. We have well water and septic so we have to be careful what we put down the sinks and toilets. For heat we have propane (they say it is a clean gas ?) and a wood stove. I drive a full size truck for a couple reasons #1 I like it #2 it can be used on the farm and #3 I do   not feel safe in a small car. I use flea killer on my yard and 7 dust on my garden and I don’t like the light put out by the new light bulbs but use them in all rooms except where I put on my makeup. I feel like we do help a little but not like we could. So I have to say I hope this web site will teach us all in even the little ways how to help our earth.
--Thank you Mersae 10/26/10.