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Future of Green

Our Green Future
Here Greencompletely.com goes out on a limb and speculates on our green future. Of course, it could be wrong but isn't it fun to dream.


In the ideal worlds of Rodenberry, Asimov, Huxley and others we solve out environmental problems and frolic in a clean world. How we get there is through different paths depending on which sci-fi author you read.
    This is not sci-fi. Us in the real world have real world problems. However, we get there needs to be well thought out. We have to look at what is ideal and what is doable. We break the discussion up into three areas:

Near Future of Green:
     This is about green products and technologies that are nearing completion and ready to be sold into the market.

Intermediate Future of Green:
      This is for the promising research that will be 10-50 years in the future.

Far Future of Green:
     A new addition to this section. This is basically a math problem.