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Greencompletely.com Affiliates

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An affiliate is a company that provides advertizing directly to our company web site. Some pay us per click and some pay if you buy from them. 


Affiliate that pay us a % of a sale.
Professional Hosting from Just Host
JustHost.com and SuperGreenHosting just merged (10/11). These people specialize in providing a hosting service where all of the energy they use is from renewable resources. Both Greencompletely.com and Nasaisboring.com are hosted by this company.
Try Angie's List!
Angie's List specializes in providing information and ratings on contractors, dentists, doctors and other professionals in your area.
Air & Water, Inc. specializes in portable air conditioning and heating systems.
Shop 1800Lighting.com!
1800 Lighting.com is a company that sells furniture and light fixtures. They also have special fixtures for the more environmentally friendly lighting and controllers.
Greencompletely.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com.
Great Gourmet Gifts at OrganicBouquet.com
Organic Bouquet is a shop that creates great gifts of flower and/or food arrangements. Great for Christmas, birthdays, weddings, graduation and so on.  
Orders of $35 & up Ships Free.
Fabric.com carries tons of fabric. They have a great stock of "green" fabrics.
Zoobooks Magazine
Zoobooks is a magazine devoted to educating kids about animals. It is fun and there are stickers and other stuff.
Discount School Supply is an online seller of educational supplies. Mostly for teachers but there is something for everyone here.
Click here for discounted Textbooks
Bookbyte is an online resource for textbooks and other books. Worth a look.  
Free shipping to 48 States! Shop Now!
Keetsa has a very interesting mattress product. They also have frames made from recycled materials. These are well thought out products.
Cafe Britt  sells coffee. That may not sound very green, however, they employ green practices in all their stores and in obtaining the products.  
Zipcar Is like a car rental agency and is a great option for short term rental.
Office Max sells office equipment and other things. They have an "environmentally preferred" section of products they sell.
120x60 USA Today First 3 Months $34
USA Today is a newpaper that can either come in printed form or electronic. Consider getting your news this way.
Free Shipping on Long Term Food Storage
Myfoodstorage.com makes dried food in bulk so you can store a lot of food in a small space. Most has a 25 year shelf life.
Walgreens are creating a "green" product line. We applaud them for doing this.
Shop Garden.com
Garden.com caters to your outdoor needs and has an "eco-friendly" section.
120x60 Get Little Black Dress Ready!
DukanDiet is a little different way to eat. No special food to buy. You can even sign up for on-line coaching.
Jacob Bromwell is a manufacturer of old time kitchen and camping cookware as well as many other thing. Everything made in the USA in Tempe Arizona.
Greatergood.com is a web based gift shop run by CharityUSA.com. They also run the Hunger site, Rainforest site, Literacy site and more. Proceeds help many people.
The World's Largest Knife Showplace
Smoky Mountain Knife Works manufactures knives and more. They have cookware, clothing and camping gear.
Affiliates that pay-per-click
     Google Adsense. These are ads from Google Adsense. Google Adsense usually makes the ad relevant to the page so you may not see the same ad on different pages.
Custom Search
     Google Search. This is the Google Search bar. You can search our web site for key words. You can also search the entire web for the key words you are interested in. If you click on another web site from this search bar Greencompletely.com gets a small amount of money.