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About Greencompletely.com

About Us
Greencompletely.com is a completely online business set up to discuss green issues. We have been in business since late 2008 and have been growing this site ever since. 


Forward by Donald Kenning, Owner:
     This site was born more out of frustration than a desire to make money. Every time I went onto the internet to do some green research I would find little in depth information.
     It was like one big puzzle. One web site would try to sell me things but not tell me why they were green. Another website would give me loads of information to sift through but have no products. Yet other sites would try to sell a service to go green or install energy efficient items but not explain their use or not be there when I needed them.  
     It seemed that they were all telling me that I am not smart enough to figure out how to "go green" myself.
     This site is different. We start with an issue. We research the issue and find alternatives to the problem. We present our "cradle to grave" research and compare the solutions viabilities.  
     Once that is done we compare the products available for those solutions and make them available through our affiliates. We take a close look at these affiliates for company strength and ethics.
     The products may require the services of professionals so we help you find those people. We also help you find ways to pay for it all so that you are not making great sacrifices of your time or money. That is our commitment to every visitor to this site.
Who we are:
Greencompletely.com is a small "on-line" company operated out of Kennewick, WA. Our company does not sell green products directly. Our affiliates are more than happy to take your product orders. We are mainly concerned with researching green issues and providing information you can use to solve these issues. 

Contact Information:
8524 W. Gage Blvd.
Kennewick, WA  99336
e-mail: info@greencompletely.com (go to our Contact Us page)
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